Runnin' with Dathcha....

I have found myself in a situation where it looks like I'll be adding Dathcha to my PVP Team. My dilemma is that I have Boba Fett and Daka and farming for both will slow down my progress since it's a slow process farming in the Cantina. Farming in Galactic is easier for me so I thought it logical to farm Dathcha so I don't have to split my packages in Cantina, which will slow down my upgrade of Boba and Daka if I went that route. My only question, Boba or Daka for Endgame?? My instincts are telling me Boba would be the wise choice, any input??


  • No right answer, but if you read the posts of some soft launch players, they say Boba is better than Old Daka as she goes down relatively quickly in the end game.
  • I would strongly suggest that you focus exclusively on Daka until you unlock her purely for your darkside missions. Once you unlock Daka, stop farming her as you wont need to star her up for the darkside. Switch to whoever ot is you want to focus on from Daka unlock forward.
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