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I'm thinking to build a team to solo the Phase 3 of HAAT. Using Vader as Leader(Zated) alongside Emperor Palpatine, GM Tarkin, Han Solo (Zated) And CLS (Zated(Learn Control,IBAT)). All this guys are gear 12 (except Han(currently gear 10)) Do you think i will beat the P3?
PS. i don't have Thrawn, BB8 or JTR


  • Xhedao
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    To overcome the counterattacks of the B2-Rocket-Droid will be tough. Therefore IP, GMT or zHan can easily die by a normal cannon shot or multiple droid attacks.
    The key part are the buffs of zHan and IP, before the cannon shoots you down. It think it is challenging, especially in heroic. As you can not recover protection on 4 toons, I think you will end between 20% and 50%.

    Nevertheless, I wish you good luck :)
    Wir haben Platz für 3 Spieler, 135 MGM, full heroic, 11* im Geo. Einfach PN an mich
  • Do you suggest another team?
    Here is swgoh.gg account https://swgoh.gg/u/darthlupus/
  • Xhedao
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    Hmm, from the toons you have not really, sry.

    I am not sure if a buffed zHan at G12 survives a cannon shot without protection. But without him you have not enough TM removal. The protection recovery is crucial in Phase 3...
    Wir haben Platz für 3 Spieler, 135 MGM, full heroic, 11* im Geo. Einfach PN an mich
  • oh, okay. thanks for the help mate. :)
  • You could try using GMY in place of EP. He gives protection up, has some TM removal and is pretty fast. Timing protection up on the cannon will probably be challenging however.
  • crzydroid
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    It looks like your Han isn't even 7*. But you could throw in R2 as a fifth to stealth everyone and prevent the counters. You would probably need to pick CLS as the one to stay out of stealth as his special buff counts for reducing canon damage and he can restore protection afterwards. It means he can be countered unfortunately, but no one else will be.
  • I thought about Yoda and R2... My guild is going to lunch HAAT at september (we are a small guild)
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