Switch control on iPhone X

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Is anyone using a switch control to open broziums on iPhone X? I tried following the instructions on Nukin’s video but can’t seem to make it work. I played around with it for an hour but could only get the left side of the screen to register and even then it was no where near where I originally set the command.
Thanks in advance!
The video that I was using as a guide :


  • Yep, I use it often. I set this up pre-iPhone X, only thing that changed is the power/lock button is now the button to be triple tapped. I used Nukins video to help setup, its amazing!
  • Deej
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    I have no problem with the setup, my issue is that when used in the app, the touch is no where near where it is during set up. If used outside the app it’s normal. Wondering if it’s the same for others or just a bug with my app or phone
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