Jedi trading rey team

Who is most important to charachters ans gear for jtr? What gear level do I need to win.


  • Scavenger Rey G10-G11
    Finn G10-G11
    BB8 G8 (might as well try to max to get use in other areas)
    Vet Han G8
    Vet Chew G8

    I would take Finn, Rey, and BB8 as high as you can since they play good roles everywhere else in the game.
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    I found the hardest tier was tier 5, and in this tier you need finn, vet chewy and scav rey. I had rey at g11, finn at g8 and vet chewy g9 with fairly good mods and finn would die too easily. You ideally need him at a higher gear lvl and I managed it without his zeta

    BB8 is only used in the first few tiers and solo is fine at g8, but bb8 is so good in a JTR team with R2 he is for sure worth spending time getting to g12 with zetas.
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