Dev Confirmation on Arena/GW/Cantina Stores?

I know that before now the Developers have said they wish to keep the Arena/GW/Cantina stores the same so that older players have a constant source of shard shop currency and that there have been many discussions on this topic in the past.
However in the past couple of months there have been 9 characters released (since Bossk who is now farmable) with even more KOTOR characters and ships on their way.
Surley all of these characters will not be put onto hard nodes or the guild store?
Is there any chance we could get (re-)confirmiation that these stores will not be updated?
I feel there would be some strong backlash if everyone was spending their currencies on the basis these stores were to remain stale and a new character arrived, so surley it is a win-win for the developers to just either say “there remains no intention to add to these stores” or give a very subtle hint that the stores may get a small update?
Personally im hopeful of a fleet cantina store (separate from the fleet store itself) with a bit of a reshuffle of cantina/hard nodes into this shop to make space on nodes for the new characters, with the occasional new character sliding in the store from time to time.
Thanks in advance!


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    I don’t think we need confirmation. It isn’t changing because $$$$.
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    As true as that may be, i feel like all the characters from the Solo film (except Enfys Nest) will be left un-farmed as there are much better combinations out there on hard nodes than that team, so it wouldn’t necessarily make sense.. But im not thinking with my wallet so who knows?
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    I’d bet they spread them out. Some hard nodes, some cantina. I think they are all actually very good. L3 might be the new most underrated tank in the game.
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    Dont forget we have a new harder hard node on the ship table too. They can space them out well enough there.

    There is also the fleet, guild and guild event store.
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    Ship currency sucks double. 5x like a hard node, and half regen like cantina. They did leave a lot of holes there, so I'm pretty sure thats where most new toons are going. Which to me means they are still not farmable.
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    Hard nodes is all we gonna get in the future I imagine
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    Hard nodes is all we gonna get in the future I imagine

    Lots of 3* toons in my collection in the future then. Possibly no game on my phone too.

    It was limited node farming on MSF that snapped my patience, hard node only toons will do it for me with this one.

    MSF is already Krakens only. Much rather this game didn't go that way.

    The guild event store has currency that is relatively scarce compared to the rest, put stuff there if they don't want to give us an easy time to get stuff like Bastila etc. I mean is Bossk even worth it on that node? I think not.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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