Hero VS Hero?

Im new to PVP, currently lv47. I want to know which Heroes have advantage/disadvantage against each other? Is there any heroes summary of what is their advantage over their enemy?

Resistance pilot is good against Dooku, Jedi Consular etc.


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    It's all kind of explained in the attack and ability descriptions ( for instance, HK has some anti-jedi properties) the key is balance and what works with what as much as what works against what.

    The challenge is in the meta, you need a well rounded team and also synergy is a force multiplier.
    There's no one size fits all solution, you'll also need depth when you get to GW so don't just focus on only 5 toons.
    Dooku might be tearing it up for you at level 42 but later on he's not that spectacular and gets a bit squishy.
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    How many type of attack in this game?

    Which type of heroes good against Sith? against Jedi? Droid? etc?
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    SWGOHcantina has the synergies you are looking for. (Listed up & filtering)
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