New guild feature idea

I was curious what y'all think of a way to battle test squads with your guild mates. As a practice mode within the game. No energy required no daily limits. Just you and a guildmate both pick a team and battle test them against each other. Would be a great way to practice strategy before TWs.


  • I am shocked that this has never been pitched previously.
  • Vengence
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    The thing you gotta do when pitching these ideas is frame them such a way that it makes them money
  • Kyno
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    in an interview they said they are looking into a version of the GW table where you can select your opponent from guild mates and allies.

    not sure where this is at now or where it will end up but it does seem to be on the radar.
  • Why not just a tw map where your guild can set defensive squads and go in and attack them, this would be simple to accomplish and effective to use. You could set squads and then attack them to find weaknesses.
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