Team for Yoda Event

Hey guys,
Could you pls advice me, who should I get first for yoda event? I suppose to use eith koth, ahsoka and consular, but idk which characters I need to use and promote based on my inventory in order to use this team. Thank you


  • Wardai
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    Best ones to promote would probably be obi (used for cls), QGJ and Ashoka.

    Although honestly you might want to start work on ezra but doubt you would get him up in time for the event.
  • Vendi1983
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    (Depending on when the event runs)

    Based on who you already have:
    - JC and EK are done already basically.
    - Ahsoka - has a good ship and a decent reinforcement ability down the road
    - Old Ben - CLS requirement and still relevant even late-game
    Next two are a toss-up as you have a healer already
    - Luminara - easy Galactic War store farm
    - Qui Gon - slightly longer farm from Cantina but one of the better Jedi for raids

    Ideal Farms:
    - Ezra - one of the best Jedi with great specials
    - Aayla - stuns and a good leadership, assists etc
    - JKA - good for P1 of the tank raid
    - Barriss - great healer, still somewhat relevant late-game

    As for the event itself, don't stress too much. You can get a 7* Yoda with level 76-78 and only G8 on each Jedi. Anything else just makes it way easier.
  • Thank you very much! ;):)
  • Unless his new zeta changed things, the Yoda event was extremely easy. Any 5 jedi should be able to beat it.
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