Please lengthen PVP Battles.

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edited July 2018
Devs, could we please get at least 6 minutes? These Bastila vs. Traya lead battles are such an anxious rush. And they very often end in time out. I believe time outs are not a good way to go about victory. It feels very cheap. And Jedi hit like wet socks against Nihilus' with mounds of health. Thanks.


  • That’s not going to work, the timer being changed for an increase won’t happen, there are too many other ramifications,

  • Huatimus
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    Then stop using cheap Bastila squad against Traya leads.
  • Poxx
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    Or zeta Ezra and GMY and mod them heavily for offense since u lose 40% crit vs. Traya lead.
  • What ? no. dont. just kill Traya/DN or whatever you do first, than select target and put on auto. 5 mins is more than enough time.
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