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I'm angry and ready to quit. I'm sick of wasting an hour playing 34258927345892673450 galactic war battles (I cant Sim until I've done ONE HUNDRED FIFTY of this garbage???) only to get to the last node and not be able to finish. I'm level 53. You pitted me against a level 70 with a fully loaded DN. I focus fired the weakest guy (a Count Dooku) who counter attacked the hell out of me and wiped me out with FULL HEALTH. Stop making this impossible.

Now for feedback more constructive: preconfigure the enemy squads I face in Galactic War. Don't pit me against other player's squads. That's what Squad Arena is for. Raw team power isn't the be-all/end-all.


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    Oh just you wait until the surprise Zeta's turn up once you level a bit. All sorts of fun stuff starts to turn up once your squads develop. I use Phoenix who can clear the whole thing usually as they heal up by themselves, but surprise Zalpatine can ruin my day.

    I couldn't reliably complete GW until about 65 or so, then it became easy, now it's getting harder again.

    Apparently it's way easier than it used to be too.

    P.S. If you have anyone who can inflict daze you can stop Dooku multi counters in their tracks.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Only if you had done them when old Ben leads were the thing...... no complaining, they are way easier now than how they used to be
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    You aren't supposed to be able to win every time immediately.

    That is fundamentally not how any of the game works.

    The farther along you get, the farther you can get and the more consistently you can perform in GW.

    Not beating every node every day is not a failure. You just don't get all the rewards that day, and you can try to do better tomorrow.
    Still not a he.
  • You're level 53 - you're not supposed to be able to sim it yet. Don't worry - you'll get there.
  • We all did it. Just keep at it. I still go back and play nodes for fun. If I'm gonna lose...I can sim it. Gotta have like 3-4 teams and plan your strategy.
  • When I was level 53 there were days I couldn't get by Node 6. We've all been there. Hang tough.
  • Can’t you not sim until lvl 85 anyways?
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    Back in my day there was no sim. We had to fight every GW battle, in the snow, uphill both ways, with no end in sight. They were in black and white too.

    I could be wrong but I feel like you stole my joke. I had to check to see if this was my post.
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    Pre load tm on your teams, have an a/b/c/d team, get to lvl 85, then it becomes less of a time sink..

    Wait till you hit light/dark table 9.. then you will know agony lol
  • I know its hard when you're low level, but your goal should be to have your B and C teams be close to the same gear level as your arena team. This concept is key to beating GW every day.
  • Don't focus fire the weakest member. If you're pretty sure you're going to lose, kill the leader. In OP's example Nihilus was the leader as Dooku seemed to be healing himself. If Nihilus drops, nobody health steals the next time you enter the battle. I used to do this all the time when I was lower level in GW.
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    Just get your four squads in order and run the table it's not hard, I had my 150 before the sim feature. Sure for a long time I couldn't beat it or had issues on node 11/12 but you grind past that. I fight it for fun now.
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