I have spent well over $160 on this game. I buy the 8-pack data back everytime. During this time I have been awarded the same character several times during the same opening. When ever this occurs I am not being awarded the shards when it's a dublicate. The last time I spent $20 I got 4 Qui-Gon. I absolutely did not get credited with 1 shard since I had this character already. After spending this amount everytime u open a character you get 12 shards I have noticed. To not get credited 48 shards this last time it was disgusting. This is real money that is being wasted. I have contacted EA but response I got was your case is closed and do it through the forum. REALLY.

I guess fool me once same on you. Fool me twice same on me.

In all I have been ripped off on at least $80. Half my money spent. Since have if packs I have opened have been duplicates.


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