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It is beyond annoying that at a much higher then recommended lvl you cannot complete the teir 4 version of the capital **** battle.

I have multi ships over 25k and my fleet power is about 130k for the 5 ships I'm using and I dont come close.
You guys really dropped the ball with this 2.0 ship stuff. My old account destroyed these challenges at lvl 75 with weaker ships.

Over 100 of battles trying to get this is just stupid. CG fix your stuff please
Make ships fun again


  • At this point, I'm fine with it staying ridiculously hard. I've had to focus almost exclusively on pilots and ships since L60 to beat them at anything close to the required levels. I may not get BB-8 7* this time around because I've been leveling and gearing pilots I don't use for Arenas to beat the challenges. I haven't even started on Jawas for mod challenges. If people in my fleet shard want to catch up, they can put in the same effort I did.
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    I agree kind of with Morgan.
    At least it will keep pretty much everyone at 2 or 3* and then when we all get to 85 and can't do diddly squat maybe we will quite playing this game and then people on top won't have nobody to farm and they will quite this game too and perhaps none of us will ever again play another game by CG/EA.
    There is always a hope.
  • I managed to beat Tarkin 5* after many attempts, the RNGods decided my time had come.

    Only two losses.

    Of course now I have loads of omegas but guess what? Can't get any purples from the table as they don't drop, ever. So I'll have to wait until level 84 and unlock the next challenge for said mats, can't wait to see how overtuned that is.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    Took me forever to get past that 5* challenge.

    I tried 6* a week later with negligibly better ships and got right through after 3 tries. And that was executrix.

    I got endurance and home one to 5 the same week. My best ships are vader, TF, slave 1. So, can't use those on the other two ships. Still got through them.

    So, uh, not sure what to make of the challenges now. 5* executrix is much harder than the other 2, but other than out of whack, seems as if they're out of balance with each other as well.

    Only downside now is I don't have the credits to level Endurance and Home 1 to 5* :)
  • Oddly enough, the next material challenge only took a couple of goes to 3*.

    Endurance is waiting to be promoted to 4* but Mace is WAY behind on gear etc. Ackbar isn't much better. To much work on right now to go focusing on a cap ship pilot. I may have a use for Ackbar later but not yet.

    I am now in zeta territory of course, which is more important than the other challenges for now.

    I will say however, Ghost and Phantom probably made things a lot easier. You get a free target lock more or less and my Biggs X-wing is 7*, the man himself is lacking gear though (stupid furnaces/stun guns)
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Tarkin and Mace are 7*. Figured Mace would be a good 5th for GMY. Working on Ackbar now. He's useful in raids and LSTB, and his L77 materials challenge is still kicking my **** with 7* Biggs X-wing, 7* Ghost, and 6* Phantom (7* tomorrow). Working on Ahsoka and Poe's ships as well, so I should be able to beat it soon.

    Still around two weeks away from 82 for the Tarkin 6* challenge, but by then I'll have Silencer at 7*, ITF close to 7*, 6* FOTF, 6* Tx1, 6* Slave 1, and 5* Sun Fac. Hopefully that will be enough.
  • Good point, I think I'll be needing a tank like Sun Fac for DS.

    Mind you I have access to purple mats now so I may make it through future challenges with just those.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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