Update on Mod Secondary Stat Changes

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After much consternation, we have identified the less than 1% of our playerbase that was disproportionately impacted by last week’s Server Update to Mod secondaries. This number is larger than we originally suspected, which was based on the estimation we could do at the time.

We will be rolling back these player’s mods to our server snapshot last Thursday (7/19). This means all mods that were changed by that update will be reset back to where they were on 7/19 and any credits invested in those mods will be returned. Any mods purchased or earned after 7/19 will be not be impacted by this rollback.

Please note that you may get a different sub-stat than the sub-stat that was removed if you re-level your mod. We apologize for the inconvenience to these players and others who were impacted.

We plan to roll this fix out later today but timing is subject to change.


EDIT: Corrected text on which mods are being rolled back
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