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    haha! new nerf new bug!

    CG you can´t do anything right even your nerf is a bug^^ lol ... you are a bunch of amateurs...

    heal from asajj... instead of 90% heal, nobody is healed^^


    Well, guess we can look forward to a "significant" makegood
    The only acceptable make good is a reverting of this change.

    Agree. That's why we'll get something "signficant" instead.
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    @CG_TopHat 20 stacks? Is that your final answer?

    No, it's not my final answer. It's my answer for now as we monitor how the change impacts the player base. We recognize it's a pretty big change and want to see how it performs over time.

    Don't make the change until you understand the impact is another logical way of resolving the issue. Or just fix isolate in raids..... Do you guys always act so impulsively?!

    The reason we responded so quickly on this issue is because we didn't want players to begin to make long term investment decisions around (player ownable) Darth Traya and the raid and have us take it away one months from now. In general, we try to catch these sorts of infinite loops and other overly performant teams early, but we evaluate on a case by case basis. In the past, the Nightsisters didn't cross the threshold. With the introduction of the Critolyte team, we opted to make some changes to Bonds of Weakness that has some impact on Nightsisters.

    Our testing in house shows that they are still very good in Phase 4 and still outperform most teams in that Phase. In the balance of things, undercutting Critolyte and leaving the Nightsisters in a very good place made sense to us at the time.

    Emphasis mine:

    So they were doing too much damage and you wanted to being then back to the mean? How about you fix the raid instead and make it fun and enjoyable while still challenging?
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    Such pitiful POS devs. So.... where's the refund?

    You could always contact Google Play or itunes and see what they say if you spent real money on this team and now it's being nerfed. Technically I don't think there's anything they can do since the devs reserve the right to make changes to the game regardless of money spent. It's worth a shot. Maybe the BBB would have a problem with how the game is being operated?

    And as we've seen in the past, what we say here doesn't mean squat. Look at all the outrage that continues over only ranks 10 and above being able to get a full G12 gear piece in heroic sith raid now after the gear nerf, and they kept the nerf in place. I don't believe we even got another response on the issue.

    Why should this be any different. This is what we're dealing with. Incompetent companies out for your last cent and any input on their tactics here is basically a waste of time other than blowing off steam. It needs to be taken to another level.

    It wouldn't be difficult to get retroactive refunds of all money spent since the release of the sith raid, maybe even back to the nightsister rework.
  • Clown shoes.
    Go Pens!
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    Our testing in house shows that they are still very good in Phase 4 and still outperform most teams in that Phase. In the balance of things, undercutting Critolyte and leaving the Nightsisters in a very good place made sense to us at the time.

    @CG_TopHat can we get any information about which teams are the ones that outperfom ns in p4 now?
    please exclude p1 needed teams like jtr and gmyoda
    i may have to tell my guildmates another story to try to get them motivated in working to heroic ready teams while doing the daily chore in the lower tiers.
    And i am not sure what to tell them anymore. (i feel like im lying to them since @CG_Carrie told us that the devs look into the huge reward gap betwenn heroic and nonheroic in april)
  • 7ugnp3aza50g.png

    So also the censorship now, if someone isnt of your same ideas you guys just delete his/her post.
    Awesome, you are the best guys really!
  • You are a dead set joke CG. Can't fix rewards but just nerf teams because players find a strategy to beat your poorly designed raid. Maybe you could nerf your communications and actually work with your player base. Jog on
  • This has been happening the whole time thats why people have gone to reddit
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    This has been happening the whole time thats why people have gone to reddit

    Poor souls.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • If they play it this way,they should understand we have the power to drag them down with us.
    A simple mass 1* review of the game on ios and play store might make them understand.If they hit us below the belt, we can too... That's all
  • Ns faction is fun to play and helped in this boring raid, its a good idea to mess it, maybe some players could get too much enjoyment which is not contemplated. So traya’s bonds saved (how fun is to see the top arena positions all occupied by teams with traya!) raid less accessible for many guilds, mechanic of a faction nerfed.
  • Im still going to play the game
  • Can we start a petition to have a refund for the zeta on Finn now that Rey makes it obsolete? Thanks.
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    How can you not know an answer? How do you not have people that work for you that can run the numbers and figure it out in minutes. If you rely on empirical data to test these things, it's no wonder you don't see them coming. You blindly create and wait for the community to stumble upon your errors, wait 7 months for players to invest in them, and then change it... why....

    YES EXACTLY THIS^ they wait for people to spend and then "oh we found this potential whatever" and take it away 7 months later.
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    Oh really?

    Here let me help.

    Your comment was merged into the mega thread because we have a thread about this topic. Alot of people jump on the censorship bandwagon, but its all still here (minus the profanity and other colorful language or violations of the Forum Guidelines).

    Not that anyone cares, but we are all players and do try to direct the sentiment of the community to the right people.

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    You all realise there will be a "significant compensation" but it will only be to to mega whales with a 7☆ traya lmao
    20k crystals plus whaaaaaaateva
    And itl drop in august
  • I spent months and $ to get my og sisters up to par and now you are telling me that you are going to nerf them? I don't even have Traya yet. My concern is that now the night sisters will not be relevant in phase 4. This is garbage. The raid is hat enough as it is. Thanks for breaking the game yet again.
  • Give me my gear back and my zetas back that I nvested in nightsisters. Why would you guys do this on a Friday? Makes you look cowardly and ashamed. Are you guys a bunch of cowards?
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    @CG_TopHat thanks for giving more feedback in 2 minutes than we have gotten in 2 months. I hope you are also aware and monitoring the player bases pulse on issues in the game that we feel have been ignored for a long while. And understand the pattern that CG is cultivating when “fixes” are brought in.

    To be clear - I’m not a fan of any type of “loop” or cheese team to get mega damage in the raid , but why make changes so drastic?

    Regarding the drastic-ness of the changes, we try to evaluate anything we need to change in the game in a way that will hopefully prevent us from having to "fix" it again. That doesn't always work out, just because of the staggering complexity and the myriad of possible interactions in the game. That said, in reviewing with the Design team, this solution was deemed to help solve a lot of possible edge cases that could pop up in the future. We hope it does.

    Regarding the communication, I hear you. It's something we're constantly working on trying to improve. Thanks for the feedback.

    @cg_Tophat I mean thanks for being in here taking the shots and all but you have to admit the timing and speed of this nerf is what's making people upset. You cant fix rewards or anything else plaguing the game for months due to "coding" complications but you can snap your fingers and this is done over a weekend. All this after you watched players invest for at least 3-4 months to build this team g12 and 4 Zetas. Couldnt have said hey theres a potential nerf incoming enjoy Ns for now or you may want to reconsider them for the purpose of raiding only? They are still great for Tw tb and other aspects of the game but there were certain zeta investments maid specifically towards the raid that you knew would become invalid.
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    A NS nerf was foreseeable for a lot of reasons, but I didn't expect it to be due to the sith raid. Like the sith raid itself wasn't enough. What really worries me is the wording, which almost sounds mocking. It almost sounds like "Hiya holotable heroes, please note that many of the chars walled in the paywall are good for the sith raid and you kinda want to speed up your g12+ hauling. And you can't progress so fast anyway".

    Plus, I can perfectly remember devs and mods stating that the paper zombie tactic is a tricky one, but still a tactic which has its pros and cons like all tactics to shut the mouths of complaining people.

    It was fine for them to be ridiculously OP while they still were mostly marquees, wasn't it?

    Furthermore, don't you think that boosting BoW that much could affect any team and not just the NS? NSs have abilities that quite fit as a counter to BoW. Abilities that other teams don't have. Plus, they're literally all supports and they get rid of the charges quite easily. Can you imagine a JTR team with only 2 supports which don't have so much room to use the cleanse (which also has a cooldown)?

    Please think twice before further messing up the sith raid and the whole game. You're already shooting out marquees with a gatling gun and God knows if some of them are OP and totally needed everywhere. You will nerf NS and this is fine for me, it was in the air anyway. But please, PLEASE leave Zombie and the raid as they are.
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    When CG changed Berris there was an offer to reset her Zeta, but since they you basically screw players who invested in something, without allowing a course correction.

    You nerfed Expose, nerfing Finn and JTR
    You nerfed numerous ships, ones players had invested tons of gear into the crew, no reset
    Now you’ve nerfed Asaaj’s leader, again no Zeta reset.

    These things are extremely unfair. Zeta’s take around 2 weeks; Getting toons to g12.5 can take weeks. When you make this major changes, you should offer to reset the characters impacted.

    It’s extemely frustrating that you continue to screw your player’s why I hate the company that designs this increasingly depressing game. Maybe your communication has slightly improve, but what you are communicating is you don’t give a crap about the community.
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    I spent months and $ to get my og sisters up to par and now you are telling me that you are going to nerf them? I don't even have Traya yet. My concern is that now the night sisters will not be relevant in phase 4. This is garbage. The raid is hat enough as it is. Thanks for breaking the game yet again.

    They're still relevant and people have posted up to 30% with them since the change; it's a nerf but not a complete one.
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  • I get the whole idea that the game must evolve but I'm on the same page and it feels horrible.

    First we're told that building a team should be a lengthy process that requires commitment and time, then we put our time and commitment into it and the moment we are set they freaking nerf everything. I spent month to get my Shoretrooper and tie reaper ready for fleet and next thing you know 2.0 makes it just another regular ship that I don't even need any more.

    They need to make up their minds, either make it easier to build up teams so when they get nerfed it doesn't feel so bad, or find other ways to fix their mistakes. They could remove BOW all together and replace it with something else. Or change isolate or whatever. I'm getting sick and tired of taking months to get a squad to g12 and fully zetad only to see it nerfed the moment it's ready or shortly after.
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    There is no upcoming paper zombie nerf that I am aware of..... If there is, please provide a link so I can read it.....
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    Its in dev announcements
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