Changes to Asajj/Acolyte Strategy in STR MEGA THREAD


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    It may be because he's the weakest. But I've noticed it too.
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    The reason we responded so quickly on this issue is because we didn't want players to begin to make long term investment decisions around (player ownable) Darth Traya and the raid and have us take it away one months from now. In general, we try to catch these sorts of infinite loops and other overly performant teams early, but we evaluate on a case by case basis. In the past, the Nightsisters didn't cross the threshold. With the introduction of the Critolyte team, we opted to make some changes to Bonds of Weakness that has some impact on Nightsisters.

    This paragraph in your own FAQ is eye-opening for how frequently it misses the point and contradicts itself.

    1) To claim you made this change within hours of learning about the Critolyte team to prevent users from making long term investment decisions is laughable. You must know how extensively the NS toons have been farmed, geared and zetad for P4 Sith raid. Like many, I’ve thrown real money at crystals in order to get MT and Zombie to 7*, just so I can have a stab at top 10 in HSith raids. And now, a mere 24 raids away from having 7* traya, you want to spare me the pain of wasting investment in her?

    2) you claim that, in the past, Nightsisters didn’t cross the threshold for infinite loop damage. In the advent of the critolyte team you have made changes that reduce the scoring capabilities of Nightsister teams - the majority of whom don’t even use Acolyte to get them. If the scores obtainable without 7* traya didn’t cross your “threshold”, why affect a change that reduces the damage teams without that toon can do? In your own words there wasn’t a problem before Traya came along.

    3) this is the latest in a line of occasions where you’ve made a change that is unpopular with the community at large (mod upgrading system, TB fleet battles changing to 1 wave...) and implied that it’s come about as a result of careful consideration of reading users’ forum / Reddit comments. This is insulting. And the apologist waffle you post to try and smooth over the chaos is wearing more than a little thin.

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  • SWGOH good game.

    Go to the car dealership, find a car you like in price range. Ask the salesperson some details, “does it drive well? How many miles on the clock? Brakes all good? “ etc, salesperson says it “drives like a dream! Very low mileage! Brakes are great, just fitted new pads! Take a test drive and see for yourself “

    The test drive goes smoothly, all is well. Pay the salesperson and drive home in your shiny new toy. Next day driving to work, the brakes fail but one is safe. When investigating what happened to the brakes, it turns out the Car Dealer snuck in while me sleeping, like a thief in the night he removed the “new brakes” , now the car is currently worthless and undrivable.

    The moral of the story, yep.
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    I want the 40 zetas back that i put on asajj
  • I literally just zetad MT's unique about 15 days ago and now it's useless, 5stacks in 1 attack.....Thanks for nerfing this encounter and failing at even doing it right because some Youtubers who equal the top .1pct of the game were able to god mod and gear a team that could break the HSR that they don't even need to do because they can beat it in an hour legitimately....
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    Even bounty hunters are not earning health.
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    just wanted to add: that vid is one of the greatest/funniest swgoh vids I've ever seen (the nsa/traya loop). But, again, devs "fixed" a non-issue for 99.99% whilst killing the rest of us.
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    Gamorrean wrote: »
    Have they forgotten that zombie is from a single hardnode? Like most new characters have been just so we can have 5000+ shard shop currency for gear

    If this wasn’t star wars and had the guild mecanic I had quit long ago, sorry to say

    Ditto. Plus the time and money invested to date.

    Thing is, I just dont know if any of these factors are going to keep me playing much longer.

    There comes a point where no amount of hope can overcome the constant flow of their poor decisions that constantly worsen player experience.

    I'm pretty much there. No doubt a lot of others at the same point. Sad.

    2 more zetas basically wasted. I'm getting tired of this too
  • Two quality positions are online : show wants to apply ? ;););)
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    Two quality positions are online : show wants to apply ? ;););)

    Maybe if Carrie finally gets fired after this latest and greatest debaccle some decent people may get hired. So far its clear their ability to hire QA and Community Managers is seriously lacking.
  • Because they haven’t properly tested this hotfix, there is no telling how many teams this really affects.
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    jedilord wrote: »
    haha! new nerf new bug!

    CG you can´t do anything right even your nerf is a bug^^ lol ... you are a bunch of amateurs...

    heal from asajj... instead of 90% heal, nobody is healed^^


    Bump because bugs....
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    In a 5 minute "fix" they managed to undo months of "long term investment" by and entire player base AND break their own game. Do you guys ever really test anything and understand the true consequences of your actions?

    And please don't insult us by offering 500 crystals, this issue goes way beyond that, it's now into a broken trust you have earned with your player base.
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    A full zeta and gear 12 night sister team owner since the beginning. This raid finally gave a use for Daka zeta and Assajj lead. I used to do 4-5mill in P4 now it’s unluckly I’ll hit higher than 2-3.

    I have 2 7* treya owners in my guild and I would be perfectly fine having to time my hits to get my score or they run the gambit. No different than HAAT or Pit.... if you have a 7* Treya you deserve top awards for an long as possible before she gets ousted just like GK...

    You are making steps that are boardering on Fraud and your player base if gonna show you what happened when fraud occurs right away!
  • ok so after reading the posts i wholeheartedly agree with every single one. Bottom line is im not sure you all in Development know what you are doing to things. This 20 stack no heal cap will not only nerf NS but will effectively nerf every group in this raid. this really looks like a blind attempt to make it look like you all know what you are doing. and the bottom line is it doesnt affect heroic guilds what this does is effectively push back every other group trying to get to heroic beck even further 6 months to a year in all honesty. I truly think you all pull numbers and fixes out of a hat and implement them without the understanding of eventful ripples and consequences in game (player base most notably).

    Let me be clear i dont care about current heroic clearing teams. As a team thats on the fringe of heroic this puts us in a serious bind and make most of us rethink the reasoning for playing. I also know for a fact that this will not have any bearing on future choices you make but dont take the majority of the player base and shaft them even more on the raid in general because of a problem that HAS TO DO WITH A TOON YOU GUYS MADE THE WAY SHE IS. this is not about nightsisters for hells sake. This is a TRAYA ISSUE You all should have fixed your "prized possesion" and left well enough alone.
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    The bonds of weakness also effect bounty hunters as no health is gained with bossk lead and bounty hunters cannot remove bonds. I know most post are about NS but this has to be pointed out as well.
  • In the words of Anakin, "this is outrageous"
    All humor aside I am LIVID. I HATE every single thing the devs have done with this raid. They are practically trying to kill off any guilds between 80 and 120m, and they're destroying anyone in arena who can't get her. Wasting so many peoples' investments that they chose to wait for months to address. The entire raid is terrible, it has ruined the fun and made the guild atmosphere far less communal and far more cutthroat. WHY?! Fix this with a screwdriver, not a sledgehammer. I am fed up with this, I dislike playing at this point with arena going to h ell. I'm only still here to help my guild beat it. After that I want to quit. The game isn't fun anymore.
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    Also, if any variation of this is going to stay, give every character the ability to remove bonds with no cooldown.
  • Is the new Jedi 4* **** lead that wrecks Traya
    In the spirit of the game?
  • Lol it star’d out ****... which are appropriate initials. I was going to zeta her today but they might nerf that too.
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