NS Acolyte/Zombie combo situation

In my current GW a situation keeps developing on my node 12.

It's a double zeta Asajj lead with Daka, Talzin, zombie and Acolyte.

Now, it wiped out my entire Empire team just getting rid of Daka which effectively leaves just Phoenix and a badly geared TFP ((FURNACES!!!!).

I can kill off Talzin (have to and quickly) and Asajj but that leaves me with Acolyte and Zombie left.

In any other situation that would be easy peasy, AOE spam, but that's not a goer, they're all dead.

So how exactly I'm supposed to kill a perma stealthed Acolyte? As I can't kill the zombie because the acolyte is still alive and kill the acolyte because the zombie is still alive.

Seems like one of those infinite loop situations CG get right onto, but that's another topic.

Any ideas?
Hey, it's still better than MSF


  • Do you have a decent snowtrooper? Or (unlikely) a Baze?
  • Waqui
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    Empire usually works great against ecactly that team. Stuns, TM removal/bonus, 2 ability blocks etc. If you have trouble with acolyte, maybe you should take the acolyte out first then, if that's the largest threat to you.
  • Hellsteeth30
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    Sadly not, no.

    He's down at 5* G6. he won't last even a hit from a stealthed acolyte at G11 with a zombie as backup.

    I've tried Nihilus but he doesn't do enough damage with drain force to outpace the acolytes health steal., not to mention he has the same problem as TFP, not quite strong enough.

    I think I may well have to write this one off. Normally I can handle NS but not this well developed at my stage.

    P.S. It just occurred to me I could have used Nest for this (debuffs stealth). She would have dealt with all of them, ah well, next time. I'll have to get her prepped.

    She's not the biggest threat, Talzin and Ventress are, but I can't get to acolyte before she stealths as zombie taunts.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • I like to throw my zeta Ventress in with Sith when dealing with NS, it adds a buff removal on top of high damage if zombie dies. I would go for acolyte then daka, Sith can take the punishment of revives and so long as I can block/stun/shock Ventress is not too hard. Speed is key.
  • Hopefully I'll be ready for them next time it happens, my Empire team has some upgrades since this unfortunate event. They can already steamroll most things.

    I haven't even got one Zeta toon yet (developing player), and my first is 9 zeta mats away (Palp probably, though Zader sure is tempting).
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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