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I finished to 7* veteran han and chewie. So i am ready for when JTR even returns.

Do i need to omega veteran han and chewie’s abilities or i can save my omegas for better toons ? Also do i need to gear them good or gear 8 is enough to get 7* JTR ?


  • Don’t omega and that gear lvl should be fine. My be han was g5 if that helps. But he event is out for a week. If it turns out you need to gear them a little more you will have plenty of time to do it weather you’re p2p or f2p
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    I omegad both vets and had chewy g9 and solo g8. I think it would have been a little difficult with no omegas, and it depends on your mods as well. I would wait and try it without omegas, but have a few ready to throw on them if need be. Thats what I did with Finns zeta and I did not apply it and it turned out not to be needed which saved me a full zeta
  • YaeVizsla
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    The key units are Scavenger Rey, Finn, and Veteran Chewie, as they're the only units you have for the most challenging tier of the event.

    You can get out of investing more in Chewie by investing heavily in Finn and especially Rey.

    I do suggest omega'ing Chewie's basic.
  • Random9
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    No omegas needed, gear 8 is good.
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