Ability upgrades

I swear some of these are bugged... I had Talia hitting for around 1000 then upgraded her regular attack to do +15% more dmg and now she hits in the 800's! Anyone else notice this?


  • Yes I have noticed this. I up graded Boba today to lvl 3 on his leadership skill he went from +35% to 25 % crit. after using the mats I went backwards
  • J7000
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    I upgraded a toon and his ability decreased, even in the description. Im pretty sure it was Savage Opress
  • cosmicturtle333
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    I think it was EA Jesse who said that actually the first level of your attack is bugged and that when you upgrade it to level 2 you are effectively going from level 3 (bug) to level 2. So the whole time you were on level 1 it was actually 'level 3'.

    I think he said this about leader abilities. But it's probably the same issue.
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