Good enough for 7* BB8?

Is this good enough for 7* BB8 assuming I throw my arena mods on them? I tried looking around but everyone seems to be using FOST on their teams which I don't have so I am not sure what the gear requirement with this setup is.


  • I believe you will be fine. I did it with:

    KRU - G8
    KR - G10
    Phasma - G8
    FOO - G10
    First order SF tie - G7

    Mods - average - no zetas
  • Looks good to me and basically what I did it with at the time.

    I had a few abilities omega'd so might be worth saving some omega mats to add during the event if needed. I think the priority would be Pinning Shot, Halt, Marching Orders, Unstoppable, Gun Down, Double tap. Although if you are using FOTP's ship maybe move the importance of those up quite a bit.

    Assuming you move your good mods to the team for the event omega's may or may not be needed though.

    Good luck!
  • Yes, you'll suceed in unlocking him. Phasma doesn't require an high eq. On the other hand, the pilot and kylo must be eq9 min. GOOD LUCK man!
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    Sounds like I am good then and I can focus on gearing up Rey and Finn for JTR. I will keep a stockpile of Omega materials just in case. Thanks.
  • My best tip for your FO squad is to put more speed on FOO.
  • zKylo-m can handle all of it lol
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    I only started 9 weeks ago but I rushed FO first (skipping Phoenix). I expect this to be a tight race to get my squad geared up in time to 7* the event!
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