Need Some Art Work Please

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I help run a guild and I'm looking for a few pictures to be used as medals. I did this before in another game years ago, but I'm looking to do it again for this game on our FB page. I'm looking for something Droid based as our guild name is We're Not The Droids.

The medals are for our Territory War MVPs based upon what they do. Our MVPs are for Most Offensive Banners (banners from attacks), Most Die Hard Squad (squad that has the most battles from defends) and True MVP (has the most balance of Offensive and Defensive Banners combined).

It would be awesome to have something with General Grievous as the Most Offensive MVP, Droideka for most defends, and Droid Commando for True MVP (balanced MVP). But since I'm not able to do it myself, I'm open to new ideas

Here's an example of what I used to use.

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