Upgrading Attacks and Skills

Hello, everyone! Istarted this game last week and, as of that, I'm still somewhat learning everything. Being a level 38 player right now, I'm interested in using those ability materials, or whatever they're called.
By using some on Chewie, I found out that the upgrades actually give more than a dmg boost, in form of buffs, debuffs and a lot more.

My question is, is there someone to priorize in upgrading skills? As of now, I have:
LS: Chewie (lvl 3 crossbow and wookie fury), Jedi Consular (lvl 3 saber and cure), Jawa, Ahsoka, the Clone Sergeant and the Ewok;
DS: Talia (lvl 2 cure), IG-86, Royal Guard guy and Snowtrooper.

Currently farming Luke and FO Stormtrooper.

For these available characters, is there some skill worth upgrading, or is it better to just save'em to stronger characters later?

Thanks in advance!


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    Also, sorry if I mispelled some attacks, as I'm from Brazil and am playing in portuguese, so I don't know if they changed the name of the skills or just translated them...
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    You can safely unlock to lvl 3 on skills without regrets, but once it starts costing tier 3 upgrade materials, only use them on your number 1.
    You'll get enough tier 1 mats to do everyone you want, but the tier 3 mats are a rare and precious commodity.
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    Consular is a safe bet to use your mats. You'll use him everywhere.
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    I keep getting a notification that I can upgrade my characters at the home screen but I can't train them past their level and I can't upgrade them. I just get the option to "Find" and then nothing. Why are those notifications there saying 3+? Help me anyone?
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    Bump, anyone?
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    Its safe to upgrade everything you use to rank 2 at least as later you will have plenty of the grade 1 materials. Later on however you will want to focus on key heroes for the high level upgrades.

    Check out SWGOHcantina.com for detailed info on most ranks. Some give +15% damage boost and some give additional effects which can be key to how the character functions.
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