Ideas for content in the future

Okay, so we've got a ton of content now, so I'm not complaining at all. But WAY later down the road we're gonna get kind of bored. To remedy that I've had some thoughts on what could be added to keep us busy once that time comes.

1- Sith and Jedi Territory battles, based in old republic

For the Sith Territory battle, The Sith Triumverate and Vader and Palpatine would be the hero characters, Sith would be required for special missions to unlock Darth Revan. There would also be a special mission for Nightsisters. The enemies faced in missions would be Jedi with the final territory battle phase having bastilla as a Boss battle.

For the Jedi Territory battle, Bastilla, Jolee Bindo, General Kenobi, Grand Master Yoda, and Qui Gon Jin would be the hero characters. They would be the required for the special mission to unlock Redeemed Revan, with a forced Bastilla leadership in said mission. There would also be a special mission for the Clone Troopers. The enemies faced in missions would be Sith and have The Sith Triumverate as a final boss battle.

I feel having both versions of Revan as Territory battle rewards seems fair. And it gives it time down the road for planning to be done to make him everything the players want, while also giving the game time to settle down from the awesome content train we have going now. Once we have the content planned already, work could begin on ideas like the ones I'm suggesting.

2- Korriban and Tython Territory wars maps.
Korriban would give bonuses to health and potency of sith and also lower the health and tenacity of jedi
Tython would given bonuses to the health, tenacity, and a little offense of jedi, and reduce the potency and critical chance/damage of Sith

3- a Jedi raid based in the new republic era 30 years BBY
Jedi and clone would get raid bonuses to their speed and give them a chance to attack whenever debuffed allies take damage, chance based on the number of debuffs and whether or not the ally is at full health, below full health, or below half health. The enemy bosses would be Darth Maul in phase one, Count Dooku in phase Two, Darth Vader in Phase three, and emperor palpatine and darth vader in phase 4. Clones would lose their bonus in phases three and 4, and rebels would gain the bonus. Each boss would have a modifed version of the leader ability each player usable version of that character has.

These are just ideas I've had about how the devs could keep fun content rolling later on, we're all set for quite some time, but it never hurts to think about what changes could come later down the road. Anyone else have any thoughts like these?
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