Raids for guilds to work together or against eachother?

In the past CG made a point to try and normalise rewards a bit to make it so the guild grows together rather than fighting eachother for placement.
Look at the difference in shards for OGHan and GK.

This wasnt too bad with Sith Heroic as could get a full G12 piece wherever you land just more likely if at the top.

Now with G12+ they have made it so above 10 can get a full piece only and lower places can only get salvage. When you have a guild where some people have 5/6 full pieces on their team and others have have 0-1 then there is a massive discrepency on it. Especially when you have different scores from different phases.


  • Ariella
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    As someone who really enjoys raiding a I see it as the end game content, the single most depressing thing about this game is putting in an hour’s work raiding only to find I’m rewarded with junk.
    They need to take that out of the heroic loot table. I needn’t list it all, everyone knows which pieces we all have hundreds of.
    HAAT is the worst offender. I love to try and defeated all phases and our runs last about an hour. I’ve grinded, levelled, modded and honed a huge range of characters purely to extract maximum damage from this and other raids. It’s so depressing when at the end of it all, you’re rewarded with nothing useful.
    Sith raid is better but there’s still potential to receive junk even from finishing 1st.

    I do support the concept of normalising gear down the ranks, for the reasons highlighted in the original post - let’s win as a guild, not as individuals! And those like me who love a high score will keep doing what we love :)
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