Plot Twist! Rey's parents!

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Obiwans love is mentioned in the clone wars. They both loved each other. Plot twist- Dutchess Satine and Obiwan do some loving on Mandalor in secret like Anakin and Padme. Obiwan is forced by the Jedi orders rules, that no Jedi can be in a relationship. Dutchess Satine gives birth to a child ( Rey ) and sends her to Jakku. A un heard of planet safe from war. Satine did this because as a ruler she could not be seen in relation with anyone or even a child such as he Jedi order. Also with the Deathwatch trying to steal her position in power of Mandalor. Darth Maul ultimately kills Dutchess Satine in front of Obiwan, knowing that the ultimate revenge would be taking away his true love. What do you guys think?


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