can Kru(l) foo, foe, hera and ezra work?

As above can this squad work in a raid.
Im thinking as foe is the main damage dealer he can gain 100% turn meter from foo. Also ezra and hera can both grant him an extra attack plus potentially one extra feom kru lead.
So thats possibly 5 attacks in 1 turn every 3 turns. Will it score well, what do you guys think?


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    I don’t know if those extra attacks would make up for all of the missed turn meter you would get from OG Kylo and FOST. I think a straight FO team would do better.
  • I wish theory crafting like this had even a slight chance of working, but it doesn't. Even if it did, Hera as non leader is major fail.
  • I’ve run KRU, FOO, Phasma, Kylo, and FOE for a long time now. They’ve earned me some top spots since I got all to 7*. They work best in Phase 2.

    As for Hera and Ezra, maybe? You can get just as much attacks, if not more, if you go full FO
  • zKRU, Kylo, zFOST, FOE and FOTP have cleared all of P2 and P4 for me in normal AAT, from around 5-10% left in P3 too. Currently working to replace FOTP with FOO, and hoping to see scores improve drastically for FOE. He's insane.
  • Whats your gear level.
    I want to run zkru og kylo zfost foo foe in normal aat. Only my foe is at five stars right now. But i only need 9charts to 6stars.
    They are all between gear 9 and 11
  • Kylo 11, KRU 11 (but was 10 last time I did an AAT), FOTP 10, FOE 10, FOST 9.
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