Why have "Exeeded Guild transactions for the day" now?

Why do I get this message after getting kicked from the same guild twice? I was just trying to say something and then I got kicked so I joined again quickly to finish what I was saying and then I left. I decided to join a different guild but then I got the "You have exceeded guild transactions for the day" message. Why is this even a thing?? Guild hopping isn't even a thing anymore because when you join a guild you can't do anything wether it's a raid or just the store for 24 hours. Please remove this, as there is literally no point for it and what ever propose it serves is extremely flawed seeing as how I got that from joining the same guild twice.


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    You can do more raids, you can’t join open raids, it that doesn’t mean you can’t do more if the guild has the tickets
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    And obviously, you were trying to stir a pot, and it cost you a little. You can join another guild after 24 hours goes by
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    Actually, you cannot join an active raid at all, you can join the next raid that opens 9nce you are in guild, but active raids are no go.

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    Well I see they can have time to remove comments but not respond to them...
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