A Way To Spot Lazy Guild Members?

I've been playing this game for a long time and 1 thing that stays consistent is lazy guild members. Correct me if I'm wrong (if I am, I'll delete this post) but I don't see a way to find out which people skipped out on TWs, TBs, and Raids. 50 people is a lot to keep track of. It would great to see all the people who haven't joined yet. If the devs would implement that into the game that'd be fantastic!


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    It's already in game. Click the circle with the stats and you can literally see what everyone did overall and each phase of TB. for TW same thing but with number of banners.
  • Kyno
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    You are correct there is no easy way to to do this, but there is many ways to make it easier.

    Assign everyone a defensive team, this will put everyone on the board, or not if they are lazy and you can deal with that.

    If they do not increase in total points from there, you may have 1 of 2 issues, they cant win or they didnt attack. We lock all zones to track attacks as rogue actions, which helps you spot people who dont attack.

    TB is similar, just look at the points, but yes it requires you to track people down as it doesnt tell you who is missing.
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    Good topic for discussion.
    My desire - please add 1 day review for 600 raid tickets and for TB, like there is for TW and raids.
    At the moment there is no way to see for sure who made 600 and who made 0, since if someone makes 600 tickets in the last minute before guild reset - there is no way to verify that. Likewise at the moment there is no way to see who skipped TB completely, as if someone deploys in the last minute before TB finishes - there is again no way to inspect that.
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    Maybe a ticket tracker that shows the average for the last 7 days? We've got one for daily and lifetime, probably wouldn't be too difficult to implement.
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