Need Help with GooglePlay

>Play game for 3 years using GooglePlay
>Get informed Educational Gsuite, which is tied to the Google Play is being shut down.
>Try to get help from Google/GooglePlay, who just want you to make new account, or pass the buck to the Developer.
>Contact Administrator of Gsuite to see what they can do. Nothing. Crickets.
>Every 5 days lose connectivity and ability to login, as account gets disabled, until Admin of Gsuite reactivates.
>Move everything off Gsuite, and GooglePlay, except for the one product which doesn't give you that option... SWGOH.
>Contact (1) EA help, they say, "Sure no problem. We'll transfer it to an IOS account, and back."
>Wait a week, which they say it can take so long. Nothing. No transfer.
>Contact (2) EA again, "Nope, can't do it. You're out of luck."
>Contact (3) EA again, "Okay we can sort of do it. We have to try."
>Wait a week, which they said it could take. Nothing. No Transfer nothing, problem gets worse.
>So, final countdown! Spend most of yesterday in chat with EA reps, and on the phone with EA reps. NO dice. 2 say they can do it, and it will only take minutes, and nothing. 4 say "Nope, you're out of luck."
>Ask to speak with supervisor or escalate the problem. "No, I already did. They won't talk to you."
So now we're in the plucky situation of either walking away from our account, giving it to someone else with IOS device, etc. It wouldn't be that bad if they were consistent. "Sure you can just transfer!" "Nah fam, not going to happen." "Oh we could treat it like a stolen device!" "No we would never do that, and can transfer nothing!"
Anyone got any other ideas?


  • Kyno
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    Sorry, just trying to decipher some info.

    Do you have access to your current game?
    Do you have access to a gmail or apple account, that is not going to be effected by your situation?
  • Have regular gmail account, have requested transfer from existing educationa gsuite account to that regular account. Denied.

    Have limited access to game, as account keeps getting turned off, which will end permanently in now ~3 more days. Been trying to get this handled since June 27th.
  • Kyno
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    Sorry for the long delay,(I was on vacation)

    You couldn't just create a new account and use the in game link device?
  • Then the account is operating as a Guest account, and is lost if the device dies/lost/stolen.
  • @CG_Carrie losing 3.5mil accounts because nobody from cg seems to try and help
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