The Mod Changes Megathread


  • Aluxtu
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    Glad to see the 6 star mod. Will definitely help with Sith raid.
  • Madpup
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    Four mod sets have a lower bonus value then two mod sets? Makes sense ... not really

    Some mod sets require 4 total mods of the same sets because those particular mod types have a much larger influence winning matches. For example speed or attack damage. 4 mods sets were created so you could only get 1 bonus for those different stat types and it forces players who care about these bonus to chose between getting 3 total bonus types of Meh type stats or to get 1 bonus for a good stat type and 1 bonus for a meh stat type. If you asked someone which was better, most people would have told you that taking the bonus for a 4 set and a bonus for a 2 set was better (for example speed/health or crit damage/crit chance). However with giving the 2 set bonuses a higher boost while give the 4 set bonuses little to no boosts I can easily see a big shift in not only how people mod their teams, but also forcing people to consider actually modding characters based on the bonus stats as opposed to simply looking at attack/speed secondaries.
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  • jedibaer71
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    what happened with the last mod-update-rollback? is the problem solved?
  • Maxminus1980
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    benjammin wrote: »
    @CG_SBCrumb - Legitimate question for you - What are the plans to compensate those of us who have farmed Jawa for a competitive advantage that is now rendered useless? 700 shards invested as a relatively new player is a hard thing to see just thrown out the window by this change. Especially frustrating is that one of those (Jawa Engineer) is a very difficult farm. Over 13k of guild currency was invested to get him to 5* that is now 100% wasted. You have no idea how frustrating this is....
    @CG_Carrie - please tell me someone cares....

    Lol .. nothing? It was your choice to farm jawas. On the bright side once the droid meta shows up in mid October-November jawas will have a part in that. Maybe...
  • Zevox
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    Ultra wrote: »
    Features I hate very much:

    1. 6 dot mods can only be acquired via mod gear farming (extremely bad decision)

    If I could leave any feedback, they should be obtainable by adding another challenge tier to existing mod challenges. Its just so bad in every way imaginable. Mods shouldn't be a grind.

    This is just plain awful. I really liked pretty much everything else other than this.

    There is also a lot of math and homework involved when upgrading mods from 5 to 6. Its less simpler and more of an annoying statistics assignment.

    Its just against the whole "simpler and easier for all players"
    Have to disagree with you on that entirely. Introduce 6* mods as just a new tier of the mod challenges and you invalidate everything we've all done with our current mods, just forcing everyone to start from scratch farming the new, more powerful mods. Doing it this way is far preferable to that, IMO.

    That said, I'd rather they didn't do it at all. Mods suck and I don't want to have to do any more with them than I already do. Just adding mod management would be preferable by far. But if 6* mods were unavoidable, this is the best way I've ever heard for them to be done.
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    Please remove
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    Please remove
  • Maybe this has already been answered, but maybe not. Am I understanding this correctly that gold mods will not upgrade a secondary stat 4 times now? Will it only upgrade one stat one time?

    Gold mods are unchanged. They will still upgrade 4 times.
  • Sewpot
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    This is by far the most pointless thing yet.
    Mod management- put 6 mods in a template- swap that set between characters is all that we wanted. So thx for that. Finally.
    Making a new 6 dot mod would have been absolutely fine with me. I farm mods daily and get 3-5 dots anyway so what’s the big deal of continuing down that road to rebuild my collection with 6dots. It would be quicker then farming and needing a new currency and material and slicing them till they are good.
    Or even better, why not make mods merg. That’s my word for slicing.
    You need 2 mods of the same colour and set with the same prim and same order of secondaries to be able to merge them.
    2 3dots make a 4dot, 2 5 dots make a 6dot.
    Anyway let’s see how this new system works.
    I’ll be more happy if it comes without bugs and the new material has zero RNG attached

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  • BnBTobacconist
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    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Updated post with 5A vs 6E Primary Stat Values

    Whoa, primary health from 5.88 to 16 and protection 23.5 to 24 from 5 to 6 dot? Did you post that correctly? That's serious adjustments to circle, triangle and cross health/protection primaries. Seems like a global mod shift, and an almost mandatory farm for new health primaries. As well as the additional step of upgrading them to 6 dot to replace a large portion of your mod inventory. I saw that were you balancing secondary stats to reflect top end 6A values, I assume primaries will also get balanced? (I might have missed that). @CG_SBCrumb
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  • Can 4 dot mods still not be sliced?
    I have a bunch I get great use of. If they can't be sliced that would be terrible.
  • I like this update a lot, no ambiguity, clear and as complete a set of info as you can provide at this time with a forward looking timeframe, and a full and pretty complete set of information.

    I think that the more important info was the improved beta testing, guild involvement and taking advice from guilds rather than your gamechangers that all have thier own agenda and are looking for an advantage and income.

    As for the change i am confident you stand a good chance of getting this right due to your guild involvement. Good post, more like this please
  • Im with the majority. Its very hypocrite to say that this was designed to make things more simple. Did you read those change notes? Even veteran players were struggling to fully apprehend it. How is that simple?
    Also, the whole point of the request for mod management was to avoid farmung mods. We want to farm content, so TOONS and ships. Not mods. And how does CG deliver the mod management? By introducing a never ending mandatory mod farm...
    Only your arena teams will require a minimum of 5 * 6 = 30, plus 30-90 slicing for ships. How many materials for 1 slicing? 20,like the zetas? Thats 600 - 1800 materials to be farmed at a minimum.. And this doesnt include any improvement to your mods, just upgrading the existing ones. It also does not calculate for ypur raid characters, which Im not even going to bother attempt to calculate...
  • We asked for Mod Management - something we can do in external sites but via in game and we got things we don't ask for and deemed good for us by CG.

    By looking at past track records with recent changes like Ship 2.0 and Sith Raid, I'm assuming we can expect similar results.

    Here we are. Playing this game over and over again in the same way that CG dictates and hoping things will change.

    Wait.. Isn't that the definition of insainity?

  • Zombie961
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    I like this update, but do have a few questions;
    Are we gonna get mod slicing materials in mod challenges? Or are we stuck farming 1-3 dot mods to get them?
    You use CLS as an example of the recommended and it said crit chance and damage, does that mean when it's sorting it's going to try and find my highest crit secondaries?
  • I like the upgrade of offense and defense stats. Very much needed.
    Hopefully it will actually do something.
  • KKatarn
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    Seems to me the new cool functions are being hidden behind a LOT OF NEW GRIND... :s
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    KKatarn wrote: »
    Seems to me the new cool functions are being hidden behind a LOT OF NEW GRIND... :s

    Yup. Smoke and mirrors. I'll play the heroes I have until they are useless then bail. Tired of redoing things over and over. The lack of imagination in the game and credit limit outweighing the need for skill is why MMO players generally point and laugh at mobile games. I have heard rumblings from some whale guilds that they are not happy..
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  • catnip
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    @CG_SBCrumb I've got two questions regarding the changes please.


    1. There are two columns with 6E stats: Exact and Display. Which one is going to be used in the game?

    2. In the image it says that 796.257 is rounded down to 796 and 3.896% is rounded up to 3.9%, both make sense mathematically. However 11.367 is rounded up to 12 instead being rounded down to 11. Why is that and is speed the only exception in the general rule?
  • I’m assuming it’s still going to cost us credits to change mods on toons?
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