A Very Brief Overview of Upcoming Mod Changes [MEGA]



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    You framed this as a question so as not to have this buried in the mega thread, when in reality this is a suggestion that should be in the Feedback forum.

    EDIT: And now it's buried in the mega thread anyway.
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    evoluza wrote: »
    What details?
    You can bring green to gold
    You can bring 5dot to 6dot
    Thats it, what everyone besides the devs know.
    I one post crump said we have to wait for more.
    Nah, we know a bit more than that and can extrapolate some more from what they haven't said.

    The bit more we know is that a secondary on a mod won't get bumped until all four of its secondaries have been revealed. From that we can extrapolate that all stats have a 25% chance of being bumped when their time comes.

    We can also fairly safely assume that nothing else is going to change or else they'd have at least given some suggestion.
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    There is a dev post and plenty of vids on you tube with the only info out there. That’s all that’s available. Asking devs for more than what they have already released is not going to happen until they post it to everyone.
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    when will this update go live??
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    BumbleB wrote: »
    when will this update go live??

    Soon (tm)
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    BumbleB wrote: »
    when will this update go live??

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    Any idea of when this is going to happen?
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    Many people is complaining about removing character's requirement cause they've invested on them. Perhaps the solution can be removing it, to allow new players to get them; but making a bonus level, with old char requirements and better rewards, to reward players that invested on them.
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    Why? No one was asking for this.
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    locodiel wrote: »
    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Oh, also, how is speed increasing by 3%? What does that mean. If I have a +16 speed mod, what will it go to? 16.48???

    You most likely see it rounded up to 17 but in general speed is going to almost stay the same in the update. I believe you'll around 2-3 more points of speed on your character from upgrading an entire set so probably more worth it to you for the upgrades to the other stats.

    So the exact value as shown in the picture is used to calculate operational speed during battle while I see a „display value“ that might be misleading? In the picture there was a difference of >0.6 speed points. Let this be the case with 3 of my mods. I join battle because I believe my fastest toons goes first. But then it doesn’t. Right?

    Example: I have 3 mods with 10,5 speed. They will be displayed with a total value of 33, exact value is 31,5. Opponent has 2 mods with 10,9 speed and 1 with 10 exactly. Makes a display value of 32 while the exact value 31,8.

    I would very much like to see an expert answer to this question as I am wondering exactly how rounding of speed secondary stats works. Even in the example given in the OP, the speed flat 11 increased to 11.367 and displays 12. This does not make sense to me but has probably been known as a game mechanic for awhile. Are actual speed calculations done on the exact number rounded to so many decimal places while the display value is always rounded up? How does the rounding work?

    Thank you,
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    really, still no knowledgeable reply to this?
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