Replacing Maul and Dooku? When?

Im currently lvl 48 on a fairly new server. My arena rank is typically between 40 - 60. Most of the top ten are around lvl 53. Im running sid, luminara, consular , dooku , and maul. Ill spend some money on packs but I don't imagine maul improving anymore than maybe one star. When should I look to replace him and Dooku and who would u suggest? im close to boba in cantina. have 4* chewie and talia. 3* leia, savage oppress, tie pilot, resistance pilot. Thanks for any input.


  • In a druken stupor, I apparently did some chromium shopping last night and I awoke to see a 5* Maul in my list. I'm thinking of putting together a Sidious / Vader / Savage Oppress / Darth Maul / Old Daka team now for some real kicks. I have no illusions that they will be able to defend themselves, but as far as dishing out the punishment in my I really like Tie Pilot for his damage, but his health, oh his health. Plus he and Maul are hard to star up right now.

    So, in your situation, I'd say work on Savage after you get Sid starred up and stick with Boba in the Cantina. One more day and I'll have Daka to 6*, but think I'll go Boba after that since I think he'll be more useful in some of the configurations I have planned.
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    im level 48...i think u need to look at a high damage single target toon. my Luke reply helps. its always nice to be able to kill someone with just 2 shots. love my Luke and jawa.

    I don't have dooku. I prefer my attackers to hit hard. in fact, I prefer to fight dooku in the arena....fight goes like this....dooku attacks, then dooku dies in 2 attacks. basically 5v4 fight.I use Luke and jaws, but I like tie pilot, resistance trooper also. I bet not many use dooku once they get a taste of what damage can be done with other toons.
  • My stupors seem to give me my best pulls. My sober buys just give me an army of ewok shards :( ill def try out boba in a day or two to test him out. im hoping to replace dooku but right now his stun on consular and counter attack on sids aoe in round one usually lets me take them both out on first turn w mauls aoe. sadly I know I need to replace them both as I cant star up maul or dooku easily. Tie pilot sounds interesting but im worried about his health too. A lot of ppl like him from what I hear though. I wish there was a replay system as I have no idea how my team is performing on defense. I know the attacker will always have the advantage but itd still be nice to see.
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