First order in hpit



  • Heroic pit is soloable with many fo setups. I myself use zkylo u lead with kylo, fox, foo and phasma. I always use foo to give turn meter to kylo actually bc he can just spam layout which in turns dishes out tm to everyone. Phasma inflicts speed down on the rancor with her special and fox and foo take turns removing the rancors tm. Most times the rancor doesn't even get a single turn in any of its phases, only time it does is if it resists foo tm reduction even after tenacity down, super rare occasion. Most of the team are about g8 or g9. Started soloing it when fox was the only g10+
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    I never posted my current FO team; it's more of a hybrid. CLS makes all the difference, he makes it an easy auto. BB-8 helps speed it up by making everyone else do some decent damage. I actually thought of experimenting with zKRU, FOO, and FOX, but I think it would slow them down. This isn't a terribly fast team, about 12-13 minutes, but I don't think I ever get hit except possibly with the 3 little piggies because of the taunt. It also rarely topples the gates because nobody has an AoE; I've only seen FOX hit it on occasion, but it doesn't seem to matter because CLS, FOX, and FOO remove so much turn meter that the rancor doesn't get a hit.
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