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Will JTR event drop in August?


  • I doubt it as the JTR event recently ended, unless the devs change it to every 2 months. I dont see JTR returning with bb8 but who knows... The best thing is to just farm the needed toons and be ready for any time JTR does return.
  • Swgoh events says its mid cycle. So maby next month? I could be wrong though. I hope its not for awhile because im still farming the vets.
  • YaeVizsla
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    That's as much accurate information as anyone can give you.

    Be ready. Or not.
  • There is a chance, albeit slight that with the Bb8 event this month, JTR's may return also. We'll see.
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  • Probably September-October
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  • Caldis
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    I think it's likely, but I might just be pessimistic since I know it's impossible for me to make it this month. Slight chance for late september, crossing my fingers.
  • God i hope not.
    I'm pushing very hard, i just might get there in time, going to be very close, thats for sure, though I'd much prefer more time so i know i will definiltey be ready and i can hopefully farm KRU finall, though if not, I'll settle for using Phasma lead for BB8
  • YaeVizsla
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    The BB-8 event was originally balanced assuming Phasma lead, as KRUM didn't exist when BB-8 dropped. It's not terribly difficult to pull off with her. Don't worry too much if you have to use Phasma. Though it does mean you may have to invest a bit more in gear.
  • Zylo is critical under a Phasma lead. He makes up for gap in gear with other toons if you have him at G11. That said, don't stop pushing for Kylo unmasked because it cuts the difficulty in half.
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    "Critical" is an overstatement.

    I did it just fine without a zeta on Kylo. Mine was G9.
  • color me surprised by that. It took me 2 attempts with a G11 Zylo, but my FOST and FOO were only G9.
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    My FOTP was G11 for fleet and I swapped mods.
  • good to know. forums crowd source knowledge again.
  • This time or next time with BB-8. I hope this time.
  • This was the squad I used to beat the BB-8 event:

    Important note: I had better mods on every single character. I had an 88 speed set on FOO. Other than swapping mods off these characters, the gear, levels, and stars of these characters hasn't changed since I got BB-8.
  • Rebel_yell wrote: »
    Zylo is critical under a Phasma lead. He makes up for gap in gear with other toons if you have him at G11. That said, don't stop pushing for Kylo unmasked because it cuts the difficulty in half.

    I'm using Phasma, Kylo, FOTfp, FOSFTfp, FOo, and atm there is no way in hell I'm going to zeta Kylo unless it so happens i can't clear BB8 at all and JTR is also here, then i might be forced to. Till then i'm sure i can make do, if i can clear Thrawn 7* I'm sure BB8 isn't harder than that.

    I simply never got the chance to farm KRU because i was always farming someone else, be it guys for CLS, then Phoenix because I kinda left it a few months late after i started playing to get them and then soon as i unlocked final cantina node, I started right away on the Veterans. I still need to finish Kylo off, he's only 30/100, and I'm having some crappy RNG in him showing up in guild store when I need him.

    I definitely need to get gearing them, they're all either g6-g8 atm, which is why i desperately hope JTR isn't due till Sept/Oct, which'll give me plenty of time to gear them and even get KRU.
  • BB-8 wasn’t very difficult. I used this team, and I think they’re exactly the same now as they were then. Same mods and everything. https://swgoh.gg/u/kaimulai/squads/86367/

    Here’s my team for JTR. I should have it done by the 23rd. https://swgoh.gg/u/kaimulai/squads/116508/
    May have to give them mods with speed for the event, but from what my guildmates said, the gear levels should work.
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