Can I 7 Star BB-8?

What do you guys think, can I 7 star BB-8? FOX should be 7 stars in a week:


  • Vendi1983
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    With the speed higher you should be able to. Everyone is pretty slow. Get levels to 85 and gear to G9 or better, except Phasma. I used g8 on her no problem.
  • andreacesa00
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    edited August 2018
    The team is good, expecially the officer's speed. So you probably need to place good mods to enhance speed parameter. Also you can think about upgrading kylo with to g9, he is a very good hero. Phasma is almost useless except for the second ability. Good luck man!
    Do or don't there is no try
  • Thanks guys. Kylo now at gear 9. I’ll move faster mods for the event if I have trouble.
  • Hopefully mod layouts is rolled out before the event so I can move my arena mods over
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