Perfecting the shipment shards

Quite a few people have made negative comments regarding the cost of the 2-3 shard deals now available in regular shipments, and at face value I would tend to agree. Were you to buy an 80 shard character outright from the shop (over time) it would cost roughly 4000 shards to access that 4-star character.

I would somewhat counter argue that in regard to guaranteeing a character you desire, this is a much better investment of your shards rather than cashing in the 2500 for the 8 slot-machine picks, which also typically tend to only be shards of characters (and then shards for unused characters at that). Unfortunately, I have yet to encounter any shipments for chromium pack specific characters, and that is what I would propose be changed if it is not already possible.

I don't want to be **** about my relatively lucky situation, but when you unlock a Darth Maul, then unlock two more right after that and you are left with a 4-star character with 64/65 shards, you tend to be a little down and out. If one of the 4 spots in the shipments could, at least, have a chance to offer a few shards for chromium specific characters, I'd feel at ease when taking the chance at gambling on an 8-pack knowing I have another way of rounding things out.

I believe this solution would be more profitable for the game, considering I'm mostly being offered shards for typically underplayed or not-so-worth-playing characters and have no practical reason to drop an extra dollar here and there.

As for the free to play individuals, I wouldn't think of this as a loss of profits for EA. The F2P have to invest their prized shards into farming a chromium character if they so choose, thus impeding gear, shard, and other forms of farming.

Just food for thought.


  • There are chrom only. At least i snagged 3 shards for the tie fighter pilot from a shipment, as I'll come up short on the daily login shards to upgrade mine.
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  • I have my typical luck with shipment shards to the point of getting multiple Talias in one shipment. I'd love to see anything for a character I use that isn't easily farmable.
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