Farming Road Map Versino 4 - Automated to get your information

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Farming Road Map 4.2.4 - Download the latest version here!
I'm really sorry after many attempts for now you cannot run this application on Mobile APP
More test will be made but so far it's not working... You will have to run this application from a computer...
**LATEST UPDATE** After many people requested... Finally automated the process to get your squads automatically.
Fill in ONLY your username... DO NOT input the whole link to your profile, the file is made to be as easy as possible. If you see a 404 error it's because the link was wrong you'll have to start again
Make sure to make a COPY first before attempting anything
You are a new player and you're lost on how to take things?
You are an elder player that lost focus so many times that you don't know what to do to get back on track?
You are a hardcore player that want to accomplish different targets?
You are a guild leader and you want to help your guild mates on what to focus next?
This might be for you!!
This WorkBook will help you focus on anything you want to accomplish!
At first it is based on Warriors Pillars (click here to see the video) to help new players on what to farm to have a strong back bone.
You can now just input your profile and the sheet will update itself. You can only use 1 account per sheet, you might want to have 2 copies if you have more than 1 account.
The file is still made with the intention of following "The Pillars", BUT I made big changes to it so it is entirely customizable. You can now change each and every pillars the way you see fit.
So you could want to focus on a group of Nightsisters and at the same time you know you need to think of a Rebel team. Go to the Pillar 1 Tab make the "Main" area the Nightsisters you want and in the side project put the rebels you wanna focus on.
The WorkSheet will automatically update.
Each sections of the "Pillars" have been attributed with importance so that's how it will appear in the "Current Farming" tab telling you what are the most important to farm and where to farm them.
They are also updated in Priority of difficulty to farm, so For example: Jyn Erso is only available in Guild Store, if you put her with other characters available in other places in the same "Main" or "Side Projects" she will appear first so you don't forget to farm her every time you see her in the Guild Store.
There is also a "Progress Bar" that will tell you how far you are to get all Characters for each pillars to 85 Gear 9 and 7 Stars (Gear 9 is based on Warriors Video, I might make it that this can be manually changed later on if you want to follow higher gear level).
If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to reach out to me here on Reddit!
And I most not forget big thanks to crinolo from reddit for his farming location file.
*Farming Location and Character/Ship lists are pulled from other files and are kept updated, so unless there is new features in the file that you may want, you should get all updates of Farming Locations and Characters/Ships automatically*
For support more information or give me ideas, join me on my Discord server


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