Carry on Phoenix for ships?

I have all of Phoenix 7* (apart from Sabine) and they are my strongest ships at the moment. I was planning on getting them all to G9 then move on (2 G9 atm). Is it worth it to keep going for their ships? or should i stick to the plan and work on others and their ships?


  • Waqui
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    The two phoenix ships are required to unlock Chimaera. However, this doesn't require super—strong pilots, since the event is not very hard. Only develop the pilots further, if you plan on using them for other game modes as well.
  • Counter-point:
    The phoenix ships are both awesome right now under any capital ship, especially as reinforcements (max both reinforcement abilities!) with Biggs as a starter. Now, G9 will get you a long ways while you work up other ships and their crews, but long term I recommend keeping Phoenix in mind to continue gearing up.
  • Phoenix ships are also reasonable to farm regularly, appearing often in both fleet arena and guild event stores (and shipments if that's how you want to spend crystals). I have both at 7 stars and never regretted investing in them.
  • I'm working on getting them all to G11 right now. Not only will it open up all of their Ship abilities that you'll eventually want to Omega, it significantly improves overall ships power, and makes the squad more viable in other PVE game modes. Great for all phases of LS TB, defending in the TW, decent damage in P2 of both HAAT and STR, etc. I think they're definitely worth the investment.
  • VonZant
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    I use them both and land 1-10 in ships, so I think they are good.
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