TW matchmaking needs fix!

I am a guild leader with my alt account. My guild has yet to EVER face a guild equal to us. The lowest guild we have faced was 15 million GP above us. This current TW that just started my <64 million GP guild is expected to battle a 95 million GP guild! Who in their right mind programmed matchmaking?! I know for a fact that their are guilds closer to us than 95 Million! You are setting my guild up to fail repeatedly. A lot of pay! How are we supposed to progress in your game against impossible opponents? Either fix matching to pair closer guilds or give the out matched guild rewards equal to the highest guilds losing. We arent even in the same tier! They get more than we do on a loss than we do on a win! How is that fair to my guild? It isn't. We are tired of throwing nerf swords at guilds with maxed out squads! Fix your matchmaking our compensate the extremely outmatched guilds better. If you can't pair us fairly at least give us what the higher guild would get on a loss!


  • Exactly the same here, except we have less than you. They only have 32 signed up vs our 35 but still....
  • The rumors are true.
    My 50ppl/72 mil gp guild is paired against a 32 ppl/92mil gp guild.
    This guild forgot that takes a day or two to reset, because when I googled “swgoh clan (insert clan name here)” they were first link to pop up.
    And 20 hrs prior, they were a 38 ppl/103.9 mil gp guild ( I have photo evidence)
    This is evidence that the matchmaking is not leveled with any fairness, it’s looks like only two tiers in their programming ,Guilds over 100mil GP and Guilds Under 100 mil GP.
    This guild shed enough members to slip under the matchmaking buffer and left their most potent (my guild has no 3 mil gp players, this guild has 13 of them) players. Obviously they are helping to boost one of their members because they have 1 member under 1 mil gp but still.
    The matchmaking is FLAWED and being taking blatant advantage of to the detriment of the majority of the players out here. Needs to be tiered in 5 or 10 mil GP increments.
  • Our 67m gp Guild is up against a 105m guild in the current TW.
    To put that in perspective, in terms of reward tiers, it would be the equivalent of our guild taking on a 25-29m gp guild. Such a match up is in no-one’s interest nor enjoyment, nor does it encourage players to participate in this aspect of the game.
    While we tolerate the losses (and an occasional win) we routinely face against guilds 2-3 tiers above us, as has happened for all but 1 TW for 3 months now, this new situation of facing opponents 4 reward tiers above us demonstrates to us that your matchmaking system is not working as it should do, and we respectfully request that it be re-examined for the flaws that allow such mis-matches to occur.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback.
  • Matchmaking is not working, my guild is facing opponents 10, 15, and up to 30M advantage over us, we've been fighting valiantly, worthy of mention in the jedi archives, but to no avail. So until it's fixed, we'll just settle for losing and getting 2 zeta mats (BTW we fattened our guild enough to get to 120 M bracket to just lose) I doubt that's your intention, instead of making this competitive. Hope you fix it. We rather enjoyed it before. nmx3xgjga4fm.png
  • Definitely feel your pain. Our last opponent had us by 22 million. I'm seriously doubting that they are basing it on the people who joined, because then it would have been even worse. I will say we did really well considering, but there was never a chance of us winning. Now I'm wondering how many weaker guilds did we steamroll? That under/over 100 million gp matching seems pretty accurate.
  • I found the trick bigger guilds use. For my alt, bigger guilds of 90 million or so will intentionally have 10 sit out and we rey to have all 50 of us in at 70 million. The same happens on my main, 140 go guilds sit people out to be at our 120 mil. Problem with that and since we know how power squads work, a guild with more 100k squads even though less people, will still destroy. Being 20 million difference in total GP power = more toons to attack and defend with and isn't a fair matchup.

    I think a 2 step matchmaking needs to be placed in effect. Pick 2 guilds that 1 have same GP that joined within say 1% and step 2, guilds have to also be the same GP as a whole not just who joined within say 5%
  • I agree, it's getting ridiculous. These higher guilds are using a strategy in which they sit out their lowers giving them a matchup with a much lower guild. If you allow all of your members to participate high & low, it makes it very difficult to win. EA you need to look into this as its creating huge mismatches and gives an even greater advantage to the higher gp guilds. You need to find a better way to match guilds.
  • You seem to think guilds don’t talk to one another. We do.
    We _know_ what the exploits are to increase the likelihood that a guild will face a significantly weaker opponent. We choose not to, for now, in the interest of fair play.
    For the second time in 3 weeks we’re up against a guild four tiers above us. That’s a guild 52% bigger than our 77million. We’re not even bothering to participate after setting defences any more. When your players can’t be bothered to participate in your game without resorting to using exploits, you have a problem.
    We know we’re not alone in these horrendous mis-matches, and that guilds are deliberately using exploits in your broken matchmaking system to ensure that this will continue until you identify the problems and fix them.
    Please do so. Thank you.
  • Got matched today, our 121M guild vs a 149M guild. 28M difference, that's 10 2.8M players more.
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    Again another impossible match
  • Got matched again 25 M stronger opponent
  • Are you looking at their total GP or the GP that is active in that War? They could only have your GP signed up in the war.
  • 7 Territory War losing streak. We usually get in at 80-81 million. We're up against 86-89 registered, but sometimes up against guilds that are at 120 mil and they sandbagged. When at 80 million up against a guild at 86 million, they have a 60 squad advantage of 100k powered squads. Even if strategized perfectly, it's hard to make up a 60 squad difference. Unless they're at 89 million, then it's a 90 squad difference. We lose by 2 territories, 40 squads. Theoretically.

    In the rare occasion where all things are equal, we win 70% of the time. Idea: Cut bracket gaps down to 3 million per bracket, because even a 5 million GP difference is a massive advantage.

    Why shouldn't we sandbag and get 79.9 million? Instead of getting full participation and get stuck at the bottom of a bracket where we're down 6000 points in 3 hours and unable to beat one Territory the entire time because we're spread too thin setting 21 defenses per Territory.

    So fun getting full participation and getting slaughtered by sandbagging guilds who sit out 5-10 members on purpose. Yeah, we know you guys can't prove guilds are sandbagging it, but fact, they are.
  • This time we were 130 mil against a 180 mil guild....the tactic is they sit 4 people out, get a guild with weaker members. They blew through our entire defense and we have encountered nothing but 100k+ squads on their defense. Impossible odds. 1 4mil GP player will wreck 6 2 mil GP players.
  • My guild is constantly on the receiving end of bad pairings. This time we have an 18m gp difference, that’s like an extra solid players at 3m gp each.
  • We faced guild which is over 10M GP bigger . But we won with tiny difference. So it's not bad every time. This is our third consecutive victory .
    But we have faced also huge differences. Enemy has overrun us and we have only been able to take out one area etc.

  • Normally we are facing guilds that arev10-15 million above us also. So I felt bad for the guild that we just faced, we are not a powerful guild, 104mil, but when I saw that we were facing a guild not even in that GP brackett, 77mil, I am thinking that it is past time that the numbers used in pairing Guilds for war be revised.
  • I’m so tired of the inequality in matchups. We now have 145 million GP but haven’t cleared heroic sith raid yet even once. Every time we face traya guilds. No way we can compete, and something like that absolutely needs to be taken into account. Plus we were just matched this time with someone 20 million GP higher. Please fix this or get rid of TW all together. I’ve been waiting over 2 months to get even a single win to get the Jedi Knight title and I’m afraid it will never happen.
  • I am the Leader of a Guild ,we have worked hard to increase our GP to nearly 100 Million GP but are confronted by the Same matching issues,we get any Guild Ranging from 20 Mill GP -60 Million GP
    Higher than us ,
    What I don't think the Devs are seeing is if I have Inventory of 100 Characters not geared high-going up against the same GP of Whales they might have a Smaller Inventory ,but have 50 characters G12.
    Even matched by the joining GP the higher Guild GP means high Value inventory,
    Meaning a Stuffing every time
    Why Not match complete Guild GP within a couple of million,not hard,plenty of us out there!
  • I am having a hard time understanding the argument that the match making is not working based on teams sandbagging. If you sandbag to much you end up in a lower bracket and get a lower reward win or lose. Is this not a problem that affects only top bracket teams? Wouldn't sandbagging but not dropping in bracket still be fairly risky strategy that could cause you to not have enough fighters to win?

    The main problem I see is just that if you have a lot more new players you may get into more problems with a few maxed out teams being able to hold everyone off. In the lower brackets just being smart enough to fill all defensive spots for max defensive points can win the match so having to much focus can back fire. So far I have only run into 1 whale team that just there was no counter for. If I had known ahead of time I might have saved some of my best defenders to take out Revan or the crazy Bounty hunter team so we could progress...but it was only one time this happened.

    I estimate they had to spend a ton of money to get several maxed out Revan and Jengo this early but because they were in a lower bracket they were the ones losing out...winning or losing only makes a small difference at our bracket. But the reward for playing several brackets lower just to win is a poor strategy when they could "lose" and get a bigger reward.
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