DRR looking for HSTR ringers! Relaxed, active guild. Looking for HSTR ready players >2M GP

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Darksaber Rancor Raiders is a rapidly improving guild of 105M GP and growing
*Seeking players ready to help us tackle HSTR*
**Join us in building a people oriented and competitive team.**
We are a proven guild with 30+ wins in Territory Wars and running HAAT and HPit on farm.
***currently 10 slots to be filled you and your friends!!!!!***

Darksaber Rancor Raiders has experienced and accomplished players, with a core group that has been active since 2016. Get advice and guidance to help you on a path to accomplishing your personal best without any drama. We are seeking players to join our team and compete in all facets of the game.



Guild reset: 6:30 ET

STR 6* constantly (every 2-3 days)
Will be moving to heroic when our abilities increase.
Members are encouraged to build STR squads.
We request members run 5 squads daily to help us determine how close to HSTR we are
We currently have ~25 JTR teams ready for HSTR P1, ~12 JKR teams for HSTR P2
We are so close to HSTR help us get over the hump and share in the loot!

HPIT: Monday 11 PM ET; Wednesday 9 PM ET; Friday 7 PM ET
HAAT: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 PM ET
24 hour register for heroic raids

**We urge all members to complete their 600 tickets a day but we appreciate that life comes first.**

We request that all members participate in Territory Battles and Wars.

We maintain a guild chat on LINE.

If you are interested in joining our friendly but competitive team
**please contact us at: LINE ID orbit_dsl or kitiara_majere.**
**message us in game: orbit 515-396-159**

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

The Darksaber Rancor Raiders
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