Gear Req fr JTR?

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What gear should the vets and Finn be if I get Rey and bb8 to gear 10/11?
I will be throwing my arena mods on these toons for the event


  • Vets are ok at G8, though my chewy was G9. Rey I had her G11, Finn G8 but I would work on Finn a bit more, maybe get him to G9/10 and bb8 was not used much in the event, but he is a great toon with JTR so I would go all in on bb8 especially if she will be in your arena team.

    Tier 5 was the hardest and you use chewy, rey, and finn.
  • I had Zinn, BB8 and Rey at G10 and the Vets at G8. If you put some good mods on everyone you can walk through the tiers more or less easily. My vets have still every ability at Lvl 3.
    Save enough type 3 materials and look if you are able to handle the event without them. If not lvl the abilities. However, with good speed mods you don't need that much gear. As always :)
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