New Character Idea

They should make a Kathleen Kennedy toon with a move called “Political Agenda”.
It immediately destroys all characters, ally and enemy. It’s not useful in Arena or TB. But, it’s perfect for getting rid of a powerful TW opponent.


  • Maybe a Ryan Johnson toon with a move called “Division”.
    It randomly pits all characters (ally and enemy) against each other until one is left standing.
  • Ryan Johnson - Massive Egotist - uses his massive ego to create a singularity that completely annihilates a franchise in one fell swoop, all characters are stunned (in shock) for 20 turns. After which the game no longer exists.

    Kathleen Kennedy - Man Face- the sheer fact that she looks like a he poisons her very soul and the resultant hatred consumes her and removes her from the game.......permanently.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Sounds like to use her for every raid.
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    This thread is flamebait and not appropriate for the forums. Reminder: We are not here to talk about political agendas, social issues, and so on.
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