Galactic War ability mats 3 not showing.

I just went through Galactic Wars and obtained 4 ability mats lvl 3. When I went into character area to go use them it indicated I had zero. I didn't use them, and along the way I gathered 4 for sure. Wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this. Second Galactic war its happened to me.


  • You need to scroll down on the ability mats. They are there!!

    So when you are looking at the upgrade skill screen and you see the two icons for level one and two, scroll down the section with the icons. It's not that clear and took me awhile to find it also.
  • I know to scroll down. What I am saying is after completing something like 9 of the battles and suppossedly obtained 4 according to the game. When I went in to level up some abilities I couldnt because the ability mats lvl 3 I had earned didnt register whatsoever as I had none....
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    I've noticed this as well. Additionally, I've noticed that within the first 1-6 battles if I'm awarded "war tokens" I actually only get half the amount displayed. IE It says I received 400 or 200; however, I actually only received 200 or 100 respectively.

    edit changed "gems" to "war tokens"
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    Last war I also got a shard drop in the second last battle as well as the last.

    I'm wondering if it was awarded as it seemed premature. Can't remember who it was for though lol.
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  • This has happened to me also. It would say I earned 3 mats, but when I went to use them, they wouldn't all be there to use. I would also lose half of my war tokens. I would earn 400 and excitedly go to shipments to buy my luminara, only to have only 200 available.
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  • Does anyone else think it's funny that they tried to correct the war tokens that were showing up as double quantity and in actuality it now is showing quadruple!? My real issue is ability mats 3. In GW today I checked the last half of the battles where it showed I gained 11 ability mat 3s. When I checked the actual quantity in inventory it showed 3. I imagine that I picked up 1 extra in the first half of GW, giving me a total of 12 earned, and that these mats seem to be showing quadruple the actual award as well. Can anyone that hasn't run GW yet today do an inventory of mats and crystals and confirm they right amount is being given?
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