What next to farm?

So ive got Zeb 7* for my Phoenix squad, ive also farmed up Biggs and Phasma to 7*, what should i do next? None of the other characters really appeal to me and what im working towards at the minute, should i just pick one to farm up or use the currency to get shards for the shard store? Saying that the Shard Store doesnt really seem to offer much up at the moment


  • A couple of suggestions:
    Cad Bane - One of the most FTP Bounty Hunters of the moment who recently got a rework and now works better with bounty hunters
    Magmatrooper - An FTP Imperial Trooper who has TM reduction and is a nice addition to Zader team when facing the rancor (Helps solo the thing for crying out loud!)
    Teebo - The original solo leader, Teebo seems like he was made for the Rancor. Even though he is classified as a tank, his stealth makes him more like a deadly attacker. With the ability to remove 100% when stealthed, he is a perfect character to farm if you have dreams to solo the Rancor raid.
    K-2SO - A Rogue One character who is needed in a couple of LSTB special battles, K-2SO is a lot more than that. He is amazing tank. He has a 75% to gain taunt when he attack. And he has 97.5% counter chance!
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