Ewok ATST Event - Can I do it?

Looking to complete the Ewok event to start earning Wicket shards and eventually Zetas.

Does anyone who has completed it think that this team can complete tier 1?

Naturally, I would move arena mods over at the time of the event to give 60-80 speed to all of them. Are there any specific abilities that I should have omega'd for the event? Not dropping a zeta on this team.


  • crzydroid
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    Gear should be fine. Level up their abilities.
  • Not a concern with the lower stars? Any specific abilities to prioritize?
  • kalidor
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    Star level only matters when you get wicket to 7* and want to complete T2 for the zetas. You might want to improve your speed with mods, and add health mods to EE. Logray is a big help in this event too, if you're still having trouble.
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  • I use logray instead of wicket, and i was beating it before the nerf with 5star logray and chirpa. Scout was my main dps. You may want to up his basic and special
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