Time for that question.

Greetings again.

BB-8 coming up, so the standard question is asked... Can this squad 7* the event?


I am aiming to gear 9 KRU, max out the mods, and try to level the under 80 characters to level 80 by the time the event hits. I may up the abilities, but do not see any more omegas being spent, but that may change. Definitely will not be able to zeta anything before then.

Comments and suggestions appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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    Should be easy with zylo, just make sure foo is 7*. You may only 1 star each tier, but that doesn't matter anyways.

    I did it with less than what you have there (fotfp, phasma and foo were all less gear than you had and probably lower level)
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