Dev Interview: Six-dot Mods and Mod Set Changes

Check out WarriorPresents' interview with Capital Games about the upcoming additions and changes to the Mods system:


  • Ploosh
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    @ChristophIV honestly that other post from a couple weeks ago was the transcript. It was just going thru all of those things, and getting the developers insight into why they did it how they did it. Basically no new information, other than just the developers saying how they didn't want to break the game, invalidate previous good mods etc etc.

    Still interesting to hear them talk about it tho.
  • Cheers dude.
  • Sewpot
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    Looking at how many materials we need to slice looks very very disheartening. Yet another piece of material that’s going to be RNG dependent is cause to scream.
  • Is this an addition to Ahnaldt01 video or quite the same?
    Do or don't there is no try
  • So disappointed in the Warrior interview especially.

    We get nothing credible. This is just rebel propaganda.

    But seriously why make videos without content?

  • will the new mods no longer have the problems, that weren‘t solved in the july update and roll-back of the update?
  • Yes, yes, I'm not interested to hear the umpteenth pathetic pile of lies to legitimate the new paywalls and spending pressure. These interviews always feel awkward like the one with the No Man's Sky dude double talking and sweating for all the lies he piled up before the game came out.

    What I really want to know is: why are you doing your best to widen the gap between spending players and f2ps? The gap is already wide, are you doing this because the average spending player can't even figure out how to win against f2ps with what he/she bought?
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