Lost Crystals

Today when my guild activities reset, I spent 300 Crystals on Cantina energy( todays activity). I used that energy, plus over 100 I had saved to use on the activity. I then used the resulting shards to upgrade a ship, and I was promoted to a new starter guild. This new guild has it's daily reset 5 hours later, so all those crystals don't help my daily now. Thanks for wasting all of those resources.


  • GhostTruckin
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    Get out of starter guilds and onto a real guild. Then you don’t have those pesky auto promotion shenanigans to deal with.

    Also, you don’t lose raid progress in a real guild either.
  • NaCl
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    The point is that starter guilds are meant to help newer players like me, and not screw us over. Also, the quest said 'promote 5 characters to advance' .Ships, (which is what I upgraded) are separate from the 'character' tab
  • They don’t really do a good job, .
    So. . . As you were .
  • They should know the parts of the game they do a terrible job on. That's kind of the point of a feedback forum like this

    So... feedback has been given
  • Huatimus
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    But no crystals were lost? You got the rewards from the cantina nodes as per normal. The guild activity reward is really quite minuscule for you to feel salty about.
  • FailingCrab
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    I really wouldn't call that a 'terrible job', I can't imagine a more minor frustration. The same thing happens whenever you switch guilds.

    Side note: If the only reason you're refreshing your energy is for raid tickets then you still have a lot to learn about the game.
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