Changing shard possible?

Good evening mates and developers,

Do anyone of you know, if there‘s any possibility to change the shard? I‘ve been asked to join a discord rank chat, declined it, telling him, that arranging arena positions is cheating imo, because it misses the competitive point in this game and from this time on, it‘s mostly impossible for me just to reach the top20 spots, which was much easier before declining to join the shard chat. It‘s like: „Oh yeah, I reaches #22, just to joining the game 20 minutes later and see myself at rank 43.“
There IS a lot of changing of postions inbetween the arena, but 21 ranks within 20 minutes? Inecessary to tell that it was around 20 minutes before payout.
So yeah, it‘s like I‘m on their blacklist.
Sure there are good arena days and bad ones, but I liked the competetive mode when reaching the top20 or even the top10, defeating the same teams again and again until I found a strategy to defeat them (Well.. Sometimea it‘s just good or bad AI luck) but there was a feeling of success. And now.. It seems that I might be happy not to kicked down to rank 8x or lower.
So.. if there‘s any possibility to change the shard, please do it. Rank me on the lowest possible rank and I fight my way back to the top. In a fair and legit way, without beinh blacklisted by some guys who wants to „trick“ the developers with arranging payoutranks to gain crystals en masse.

Everyone is free to hate me for saying shard chat sucks but it does suck.




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    I think your missing the point that there is no competitive point to this game (other than perhaps competitive spending). If this game was supposed to be competitive then EA would have done the following:
    1. Eliminate the ability to purchase anything that directly impacts a players ability to win. In other words, cosmetic purchases only.
    2. Not structure "PvP" (a lose description of arena since your technically just battling AI) payout times during peoples dinner hour.
    3. Not structure "PvP" in such a way that the daily winner is whoever manages the clock the best. Pretty much everyone at top end PvP can beat everyone else, so it all comes down to locking skills/luck of hitting the refresh button if you aren't in a shard chat. I mean if you want to compete to see who has the best clock management skills go for it, but seems rather silly to me.

    Most shard chats have recognized points 1,2,3 and essentially collude to ensure their crystal flow so they can continue on playing this collection game at a slightly faster pace. So, ultimately, you may want to rethink taking up the shard chat invite.
  • I see your points and you might be right with it in some ways. But nevertheless.. I play this game every day since february 2016 and I made it many times to the top20 or top10 without waitinh to the last possible minute before the payout and without arranging arena positions or fighting more than 5 fights a day. I‘m pretty happy with being in the top20 and spending 50 gems for refreshing my battles just to win 50 more gems is senseless.
    But I made my way up there on a legit way, even though I know that arranging the arena isn‘t cheating at all, while many players, including me, see it as cheating because it makes it way easier to stay in the top ranks of the shard.
    I won‘t rethink the invitation because I just don‘t like it to play the game this way.

    After all.. thanks for your answer.
  • If you want to change your shard, make a new account and start over. Otherwise, you have what you have.

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    @Tinnfarth keep trying. At some point EA will get serious about supporting this game
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    It's not possible folks, there is simply no such situation that enabled such an instance. Doubt it'll ever happen, but if it does it'll prolly happen globally. This inquiry has been made many times in the past, the answer is always the same until we hear of a single instance otherwise or we see an announcement.
  • I support your demand even though there are reasons why EA does not change that.
  • Have you thought of changing your time zone? A Change in your payout time might create more stability leading up to the payout.
    Not an answer to your question, but it's something I have considered.
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