Switching to Boba?

I am currently lvl 52,
I have unlocked Old Daka, but these posts are telling me that she sucks at PvP later in the game, and how good Boba is, so should i switch to Boba, or continue maxing Daka?


  • I'm in the same situation, I just unlocked her and planning to go for fives now. I'd say that daka it's ok at 4* right now, her main role is to help with dark side campaign and backup healer for gw, at least for me..
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    I have daka at 5* and i cant see replacing her anytime soon. She is invaluable on dark side missions, and with stuns, heals and resurrection she is good at pvp especially in gw where a res can mean the difference between completion and not. Usually if i lose a hero i have 2 chances to res it if i manage abilities right. Fett is solid. He is tanky and annoying with team ability block and self resurrection, but his damage isnt any higher and not quite as much utility.
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