Venomous Reapers 130M GP, 44 stars TB, HSTR, 49-3 in TW!! MUST BE ACTIVE

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Venomous Reapers is an 130 Million GP guild looking to add 2 members. We recently got 40 stars on the last TB. We are an HSTR guild. We also win almost every TW matchup. We are currently 49-3. On the one that just ended we got a full clear without surrendering a single territory. At this point we are just working on improving our rosters for whenever the next raid is pushed out.

A little backstory on the guild. We started this guild 1.5 years ago. 30+ members have been in it for over a year. When HSTR dropped we were around 30M GP. Almost all of our members stuck it out as we built our rosters and eventually cleared HSTR at 100M GP. We are looking for somebody who wants to come and be part of a great community. We allow everybody to farm as they please unless for some reason there is a team that just absolutely needs to be farmed for a raid (JTR for example in HSTR).

We want people that are active and won't have to be repeatedly told to participate. We enjoy the game but also have goals that we want to accomplish. We want people who are looking for the same things in the game.

Requirements: 2.5 Mill GP+ (if a little lower but building your roster well we can talk)

Active in TW, TB, 500+ Tickets Daily, active in HSTR

TB: 44 stars

Raids: HSTR, HPit, HAAT

GP: 130 Million

Raid times: 8pm EST (HSTR 7 pm EST)

Discord info:
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